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Hydrogen Technology

Decarbonising Our Urban Transportation System

Commitment to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

At Sarawak Metro, we believe in promoting the use of zero-emission vehicles as a way to decarbonise the public transport sector in Sarawak.
The ART rolling stock will be powered exclusively by hydrogen fuel cells.
At Sarawak Metro we’re also giving our full commitment in the development of a hydrogen economy and helping to ensure the success of Sarawak’s Green Hydrogen Agenda

What are the benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology ?

Eco Friendly

Does not burn H2

Produces only electricity, heat and water

Never loses charge as long as H2 is supplied

Generates electricity used to power traction motors to drive vehicles

No need for overhead catenary or third rail or fourth rail power system


How to Generate & Utilise Hydrogen ?

1. To generate H2

H2 can be generated by electrolysis using renewable energy from hydropower stations

2. To Store H2

  1. H2 produced
  2. Transported in high pressure tube trailers and liquified hydrogen tankers
  3. H2 storage and refilling stations and depots

3. To utilise H2

H2 stored in pressurised tanks on the rooftop of vehicles

How Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Work

1. Hydrogen Refueling

Hydrogen gas is pumped to tanks on the bus via a nozzle and receptacle

2. Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen stored in the tanks is supplied to the fuel cell stack

3. Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen and Oxygen react inside the fuel cell stack and generate electricity and water through a chemical reaction

5. Hydrogen Refueling

Regenerated energy is stored in a secondary battery that supplements power from the fuel cell by providing auxiliary power to the electric motor

4. Electric Motor

The generated electricity is supplied to the electric motor

The only by-product of creating electricity in the fuel cell stack is water

Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses
Shorter Refueling Time
Customisable Power Output
Increased Availability
Longer Range
Zero Emission

Hop on2 our FREE & ECO-FRIENDLY H2 bus ride

Downtown Heritage Loop

H2 Bus Routes & Schedule
Monday to Thursday :
16 Trips (First departure 7.30am, Last departure 5.30pm)
Friday :
14 Trips (First departure 7.30am, Last departure 5.30pm) (No Trip During Friday Prayer Time)
Saturday & Sunday :
8 Trips (First departure 7.30am, Last departure 4.50pm)

Damai Loop

H2 Bus Routes & Schedule
Saturday & Sunday : 3 Trips
First departure 8.00am, 2nd departure 11.00am, Last departure 3.00pm
*Route to Jalan Stadium: Only available for 2nd and last departure

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