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Our Moments Captured.

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I hope more Sarawakians with the right expertise  and knowledge in this industry will come back home and

start working in Sarawak to be a part of this exciting history.

Henry Anak Mayot

Acting Head of Department,




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I encourage the young graduates to get involved

in our  young talent development initiative in our

SEED Programme that will be happening soon.

Priscilla Annabel Anak Bisop


Socio-Economic Enhancement Development

(SEED) Programme



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I realised that coming back to my own hometown

is the best decision I have made in my career path

because it has given me the opportunity to be a  

part of our state development initiatives.

Alice Anak Sandah

Project Manager,

Civil (Kuching Urban Transportation System)



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I encourage more women to participate actively  

in the transportation industry as it is an interesting

sector to be in. It can be a platform to be creative

and innovative and create a mark in revolutionising

the industry globally.

Shetila Binti Dris

Assistant Manager,

Business Development



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The pioneer standards set by Sarawak Metro and the ethical practices are the best choice to work with after being away from my hometown for decades. It develops my skills but most importantly, to acquire new experience in this ART industry.

Deshon Kaman Anak Kuso


Safety, Health & Environmental



ISSUDIN copy.jpg

With my experience , I hope I can contribute to the

development of the transportation system in

Sarawak and be able to make it one of the

best in the world.

Mohd Issudin Bin Annuar


Hydrogen (H2) Bus




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